Business gas and electricity

Why choose British Gas Lite for your business gas and electricity?

How to switch your business gas and electricity


Get a Quote

Get a quote and tell us you want to switch


Review your contract

Check the details.


We’ll start your switch

We’ll let you know when your supply has been switched


You send us a reading

Send us your first meter reading

When switching your business gas and electricity

Its best to check if:

All online, all at your control

Quick and easy access

We know your time is precious so we provide the tools for you to manage your account and billing online. It's easy and secure and available whenever you need it.

We’re only available online, so we keep our costs low, and pass on the savings to our customers with low-cost business gas and electricity tariffs. But if you do need us, we’re here on webchat.


Smart meter

Accurate billing

Our trained technicians will install your business electricity smart meter for free, at a time to suit you. Your smart meter works for you, automatically submitting your meter readings each month.

It’s easy to give us your business gas meter readings online, and then you’ll only pay for the energy you use each month.

Moving business premises?

Moving in or out of premises supplied by British Gas Lite?

You can quickly tell us about a business move on webchat. Check out our business move page which will tell you the information we’ll need when you contact us.


For an immediate online quote on our other British Gas business energy products, please visit the British Gas website.