Lite keeps your energy costs low

Lite is the smart, modern way to manage your business energy. We keep our costs low by keeping our overheads low. We pass these savings on to you and give you complete control over the energy you use.

100% online

Quick and easy access

Because we're only available online, we avoid costly things like call centres. You get your questions answered and any problems sorted more efficiently by getting in touch with our helpful UK webchat team.


Easy to manage

Anywhere, any time

You can manage your account from anywhere at any time. Your account lets you view your balance and your bills online. You pay through variable direct debit – only paying for the energy you’ve used.

Smart meter

Accurate billing

With a smart meter for your electricity, provided and installed by us at no additional cost to you, your electricity use is monitored automatically. This means your bills are accurate and available online. And because you give us your gas meter readings online, you'll only pay for what you use each month.


You have the control

You can choose a fixed term contract to fix your prices with no surprises for a set period of time. Choose from a range of contracts lasting up to five years.

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